Graduate of 1st Class honours in Nutrition from John Moores University
Associate Nutritionist registered to The Association for Nutrition
Founder: Pinpoint Nutrition

Hi, I’m Beau,

I provide bespoke nutrition solutions backed by the most up to date research and use this to support clients to achieve their health-related goals.

Whether looking to optimise your training, to adopt healthier habits surrounding food or for effective and sustainable weight management solutions, it would be my pleasure to support you on your journey to improved health and vitality. 


Results & Testimonials

I signed up to the Pinpoint Nutrition 12 week programme, not knowing exactly what to expect. It was excellent! The combination of a more structured exercise regime and the fantastic nutrition and diet advice made the programme accessible and achievable. A great programme and a superb team. Well done and thank you for running such a fantastic course!

Michael, 55


One-to-one nutritional consultations. 
Body composition measurements.
Dietary analysis.
Calculation of daily calorie requirements and tailored plans to help achieve calorie targets.
Weigh-ins and weight monitoring.
Recipe and meal preparation ideas and inspiration. 
Guidance and support, tailored to your specific goals, requirements and body composition.


The Pinpoint Nutrition programme are based upon the most up-to-date, scientifically supported and successful approaches to weight loss and health improvement. The programme’s unique style empowers you to take control of your health by upgrading your nutritional skills and knowledge and combining this with a bespoke personal training programme. By providing you with a supportive and inclusive environment, our aim is to help you to embed habits and behaviours that will support you to maintain your health beyond programme completion.


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 The Prep Kitchen are taking the guesswork out of nutrition by delivering bespoke, mouth-watering meals to your door, tailored to your nutritional requirements and prepared in such a way that taste, quality and freshness are guaranteed. Whether looking to lose a little weight, to enhance your athletic performance or to simply fuel the demands of your day to day, The Prep Kitchen have you covered.

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Tailored nutrition solutions to enhance, support and compliment training and recovery.

Three months and the change to my life is unbelievable!

With constant tuition, support and guidance, I have learned how to look after my body and mind. Pinpoint has completely changed the way I look at eating healthily and I cannot believe the amount of energy I now have.

Thank you Pinpoint Nutrition for helping me to take back control of my health.

Lorraine, 30

What a life changing experience! The Pinpoint Nutrition programme is different to anything else I have done.  Everything is pitched at the right level from the nutritional guidance, fitness support and lot's of fun with a fab team.

I have been moved, inspired and totally impressed. Thank you Pinpoint Nutrition, I feel on top of the world!

Helen, 48

I learnt an incredible amount off Beau about what certain foods do to the body and the health benefits they possess. I would recommend Pinpoint Nutrition to anyone looking to start a healthy lifestyle. I have managed to lose 12kg in weight, my cholesterol is now down to 4.9 and my blood pressure is now within the normal range.

Oliver, 33


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