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Hi, I'm Beau

(BSc, ANutr, AFN)

As a registered nutritionist, I pride myself on providing practical, evidence-based solutions that empower my clients to make sustainable improvements to their health, nutrition and performance. Whether you're looking for effective weight management solutions, to optimise your exercise performance or to upskill through one of our immersive, life-changing programmes, it would be my pleasure to support you to live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

My qualifications and professional memberships include:

Graduate of 1st Class honours in Nutrition from John Moores University

Associate Nutritionist registered to The Association for Nutrition

Member of the Nutrition Society

Bond Street Health Nutritionist

Founder of Pinpoint Nutrition

Results & Testimonials

Pinpoint Nutrition Practice

  • Effective solutions for weight loss, muscle gain, increasing energy and improving digestive health.

  • Body composition scanning (body fat percentage, muscle mass, mineral density and body water analysis).

  • In-depth dietary analysis and fit-for-purpose solutions to address nutrient deficiencies.

  • Sound, scientific and up to date advice regarding supplementation.

  • Performance nutrition: event preparation, event day fuelling and effective recovery strategies (e.g. marathons, team sports etc).

  • Support with safely transitioning to a vegetarian/vegan diet.

  • Evidence-based tools and strategies for improving sleep quality.

  • Physical activity recommendations and guidance on how to make them achievable.

  • Improving health literacy so that well-informed decisions relating to nutritional health can be made independently.

  • Accountability, support and a tailored approach to client care.

Pinpoint Programmes

The ultimate goal of Pinpoint Programmes are to facilitate a journey to a happier healthier you. Using the most up-to-date, evidence-based approaches to health improvement, our aims are to cultivate the conditions that empower you to take control of your wellbeing within a fun, supportive and inclusive environment. Throughout your journey, you will have access to some of the highest quality health and fitness professionals, services and facilities on the island, and will leave having laid a solid foundation from which health and wellbeing can be sustained for years to come.


Body Composition Scanning


Our InBody 770 body composition scanner is one of the most advanced pieces of equipment on the island and provides a detailed analysis of your muscle mass, body fat percentage and body water.

Not only can these measures keep you motivated but objective metrics such as these provide an accurate way to track the effectiveness of your nutrition programme and to help to tweak our approach where necessary.

Learn more about body composition or book your scan now by using the buttons below.

Ready to see what you're made of? 

Corporate Wellbeing Package

With 10-years of experience in the finance industry and a first-class honours degree in nutrition, I combine experience with scientific grounding to empower your team to manage their health and wellbeing effectively.

Drawing from the latest evidence-based recommendations and delivering these through a series of thought-provoking workshops, my aims are to equip your team with the tips, tools and strategies to make sustainable improvements to their health, wellbeing and work-based performance.

Let's work together to promote a happier, healthier workforce and to make health and wellbeing achievable for all. 

Book your appointment 

Number 7, Bond Street, St Helier

Tel: 07829855477

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