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We make roughly 200 daily decisions relating to food.

If we made each of these consciously, we would likely be the picture of health from a nutritional standpoint, but probably wouldn’t be getting much else done!

We therefore rely on our subconscious to make the majority of our food-related decisions for us with a large part of these decisions made due to past conditioning, or in other words, HABITS.

Habits account for around 20% of decisions made when it comes to food and can be defined as the behaviours that form over time and occur frequently and automatically.

Evaluating existing habits and reformulating these to become more supportive can be critical in making sustainable, dietary improvement, especially for anyone tending struggle with change, consistency and will-power.

Atomic Habits by James Clear is well worth a read by anyone interested in healthy habit formation and could be a great first step toward automatically reaching for the good stuff!

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